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Padací rám - kryt motoru Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

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Padací rám a kryt motoru v jednom.
Ocelový rám a duralová slitina jako výplň.

The Yamaha XT660z is earning its place as the Leatherman of adventure touring bikes. A torquey, reliable motor in a well suspended chassis with a whopping tank range and useful fairing.

Recent months have shown that the bike is a very capable off-roader. Ridden very sucessfully in the 'Heroes and Legends' Rally by Jenny Morgan following 8000km of tough old Dakar Rally routes and already showing its worth to overlanders by such venerated riders as Chris Scott, it seems Yamaha have bought the Tenere range back into the limelight with a bang.

As with all adventure bikes the XT660Z suffers from a number of problems, 'out of the crate', not least of which seem to be the manufacturers lack of commitment to protect the bike properly from its intended use! See Chris Scott's holey experiences

Originally available with Yamaha crashbars and a plastic sumpguard these products were so unfit for their intended pupose that after numerous recalls Yamaha scrapped both.

After a brief examination of the originals we could immediately see the problems and kickstarted the infamous Adventure-Spec design process. Having sold over 1000 sets of BMWF800GS crashbars and bashplates (widely recognsed as some of the the best quality aftermarket parts in the business) to many happy customers we set about generating a similar quality of product for the Tenere.

High tensile steel bars precision bent by CNC machine, tig welded by professionals and then powder coated with the familiar Adventure-Spec three coat system (corrosion resistant primer, high build undercoat, protective top coat) start the process but its not all about the finish. Once completed each set of bars has to pass a complex testing programme to ensure it fits our 'Tenere' jig perfectly so that  you know your bars will fit, first time, every time.

The finished bars are designed not only to look good but to properly protect your bike. We know from experience what impact a smashed side casing on the Karakorum Highway or a damaged sump in the middle of the empty quarter of the Sahara feels like, and its not good!  Mounted to the frame downtube at the front (not a piece of 1.6mm pressed steel like the originals), and with a spacer and full width 150mm bolt connecting the rear mount points these bars are going nowhere. They may look like original bars, but there the similarity ends!

Having such a solid mounting point  means the bashplate can also do its job properly. Made from 4mm aircraft grade aluminium, TIG welded and anodized to complete the superb finish the bashplate is tough enough to take huge impacts and protect your casings and sump from the damage it will surely sustain from flicked up rocks and dodgy dropoffs.

To finish the job off we provide anodised spacers and a complete range of stainless fittings. Our motto? If you're going to to it, do it right!

AdventureSpec je britský výrobce ochranných prvků a zavazadel na motocykly. Jsme přímí dovozci a obvykle můžeme dodat cokoliv z jejich výrobků uvedených na mezinárodním eshopu. Ceny odpovídají přepočtu z britských liber v aktuálním kurzu.



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